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We Supply and Fit Teemore cubicles,

These cubicles are far greater in both strength and durability than virtually all of their competitors.


Quattro Tyle

Dairy and milking parlour applicationsQuattro Tyle is the newest development in polyurethane technology.

  • Completely sterile
  • Non-yellowing or fading
  • Anti-fungal
  • Hypocloride & urine resistant
  • Recommended for food related outlets

Suitable for:

  • Milking parlours
  • Dairies

Can be installed on concrete, render, plaster, panels, board etc.


Rubber Mats

matting for parlours and dairiesfor Parlour Pits, Cow Standings, Yards & Feed Passages

  • Rubber Mats fully bonded and joint sealed
  • Anti-slip comfort mats
  • Protects concrete
  • Prevents lameness
  • Full fitting service


Luxury Cow Mattresses

  • Cubicle matsFully resilient
  • Easy clean
  • Completely sealed
  • Impervious cover
  • High penetration resistance for long life
  • Stretches & moulds to the contours of the animal
  • High strength seamless Rubber matting
  • Completely bonded
  • Trowel down system

Cushioned Rubber Comfort Mats

Comfort mat, interlockingCow mats:

  • Available in singles or full interlocking runs
  • Impact bubbles underneath the mat offer cows comfort
  • They will not expand, tear or warp
  • Easy install - no fixing clamp required, just screws
  • Heavy and durable full cubicle runs
  • A cushioned rubber mat with the softness of EVA and the long life of rubber
  • A real lower cost alternative to mattresses


QuatroSoft Comfort mat, singlesizeQuattrosoft Mats

  • Strong
  • Flexible
  • Soft
  • Thickness: 24 and 32mm



Slat Rubber - Anti-Skid Rubber

 Slat Rubber FlooringBenefits:

  • Additional weight gain of over 28% as shown by TEAGASC
  • Cattle stay cleaner on Quattro Slat Rubber as shown in trials by Dept. of Agriculture, Ireland
  • Mats are made from high quality natural rubber
  • Suitable for all types of new and used slats
  • Slat rubber protection drastically reduces lameness and finishing time
  • All sizes available