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Concrete Grooving Services

Concrete Grooving

A considerably large portion of our business in concerned with concrete grooving passageways, feed passages, walkways and collection pens in order to provide greatly increased grip and confidence to cattle.

We use petrol powered concrete groovers which are able to cut approximately 8mm wide, 5mm deep grooves at intervals of 2 inches.

Firstly we cut grooves lengthways down passageways and then cross cut those grooves in order to produce a 2 inch square pattern, this pattern has been proven to provide GREATLY improved grip to all surfaces.

Established in 1996, the concrete grooving aspect of our business has now increased to be able to groove slated sheds in order to eliminate the ever present slippery slats. In the case of slats we cut 4 mm grooves approximately 4mm deep directly across the slats at intervals of 1 inch.

The reduced width of each groove coupled with the increased amount of grooves minimises any stress caused on ageing slats and maximises grip provided to cattle.