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Foot Trimming Cattle Crush

Foot Trimming Crushes

Foot Trimming Cattle CrushOur foot trimming crushes have been developed and redeveloped over the past 20 years by the foot trimmers who use them, ensuring that every last detail has been taken into account.

Developed for functionality, ease of use and durability there are very few crushes on the market today which can compare to ours, none of which come even close to the cost effectiveness which we are able to provide!

Currently our foot trimming services are used by over 300 farms throughout Scotland’s mainland and islands using crushes hand built by ourselves. These crushes have had in excess of 70,000 cattle through their yokes!

Our crushes have been specifically designed to enable their use by one person, the yoke is able to be manually closed from the rear of the animal, as is the electric winch. Throughout foot trimming the animal is securely and comfortably fastened, to ensure both the safety of the beast and the safety and comfort of the operator.

  • One Man Operation
  • Self Locking IAE Head Gate
  • Beech Front Foot Blocks
  • 800 kg Capacity Electric Winch System
  • 100% Rubber 18mm Quattro Flooring
  • 172 cm Internal Clearance
  • 100% Galvanised