Galloway Cattle Care

Gate Access Cubicles

Slam Gate Access Cubicle

Access CubicleThe slam gate access cubicle provides a perfect end of race gate - safety gate solution. With access to both sides this access cubicle is both versatile and and extremely well thought out.

Fully galvanised and built largely from 2 inch box section the cubicle is both extremely durable and rigid.

The cubicle bolts directly onto the back of our crushes and acts as a go between the crush and the main race.

Gates on either side of the cubicle are held in position with the use of shooting bolts both when they are in line with the crush (working as a race) and when they are closing off the race (working as a safety gate to prevent animals coming forward).

Cattle are fully secure behind you as you work on back feet and are unable to jump over the safety gate due to there being a bar welded 2 feet above the gate itself forming part of the mainframe which is attached to the crush.

End Gate

Access Cubicle with GatesOur end gates are intended to act as end of race gates, operated with the use of a single shooting bolt they are largely constructed of 40 mm box section and are fully galvanised providing both a durable and secure solution.

The end gates form part of a connection ring which means they are easily attached to hurdles or race gates and can also be installed part way down a race should the need arise.