Galloway Cattle Care

Galloway Cattle Care

Foot Trimming Cattle Crush

Foot Trimming Cattle CrushOur cattle crushes have been specifically designed to enable their use by one person.

Throughout foot trimming the animal is securely and comfortably fastened, to ensure both the safety of the beast and the safety and comfort of the operator.

  • One Man Operation
  • Self Locking IAE Head Gate
  • Beech Front Foot Blocks
  • 800 kg Capacity Electric Winch System
  • 100% Rubber 18mm Quattro Flooring
  • 172 cm Internal Clearance
  • 100% Galvanised

Access Systems

Slam Gate Access Cubicle
The slam gate access cubicle provides a perfect end of race gate safety gate solution. With access to both sides this access cubicle is both versatile and and extremely well thought out.

End Gate
Our end gates are intended to act as end of race gates, operated with the use of a single shooting bolt they are largely constructed of 40 mm box section and are fully galvanised providing both a durable and secure solution.

Race Systems

Our race hurdles are fully galvanised and constructed using 40mm by 3mm walled mild steel tubing as opposed to the more regular 2.5mm tubing, meaning our hurdles have 20% more steel in their spars than most on the current market do!

Connection Rings
In order to enable the construction of races and handling systems we can provide connection rings which are constructed of 2 inch box section, are fully galvanised and have ring connection hinges.


Mk III Super Scoop
The Super Scoop is available in both left and right handed versions and bolts directly onto our crushes. Designed to restrain cattle both securely and comfortably these attachments are incredibly good for dosing cattle, preventing cattle from kneeling down, reducing body movement and are great for use when reading ear tags.

Cattle Care Services

Freeze Branding

We offer a full freeze branding service which operates throughout Scotland and the islands. Currently we use dry ice freeze branding which uses frozen carbon dioxide in order to cool our branding irons to a temperature of -78 Celsius.

Foot Trimming

Professionally trained our trimmers work with our own foot trimming crushes and we are one of the few foot trimming companies working today which are fully insured against all liability.

Foot Trimming Courses

We offer full foot trimming courses in the Dutch style of foot trimming, these courses are conducted on farm and we are able to accommodate people on a one to one basis or small groups of up to five people.

Concrete Grooving

A considerably large portion of our business in concerned with concrete grooving passageways, feed passages, walkways and collection pens in order to provide greatly increased grip and confidence to cattle.

Cattle Care Products

We can supply and install all services including;-

  • Seamless Mattresses
  • Parlour Flooring Systems
  • Resin Paints
  • Silage Pit Resin Coatings
  • Silage Pit Mats
  • Comfort Mats
  • Teemore Cubicles

We are the leading agents for Quattro throughout Scotland

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